Meetings and events are held monthly on the 1st Tuesday of each month at Wednesbury Library. 

Tea, Coffee and biscuits are available.

The speakers begin presenting at 7:30pm, please ensure you have arrived in good time.



8th Jan 2019

5th Feb 2019

5th Mar 2019

2nd Apr 2019

7th May 2019

4th Jun 2019

2nd Jul 2019


3rd Sep 2019

1st Oct 2019

5th Nov 2019

3rd Dec 2019


David & Pam Humphries

Keith Robinson

Andrew Lound

Kevin Goodman

Reverend Gary Ward

Mike Astley

Val Campbell

Ian Bott

John Andrews

Ray Sturdy


An insight into prefab housing.

Iron coal and roses.

Titanic and that fateful night in April 1912.

A new talk connected with the Black Country.

Frank Foley, the British Schindler.

The life and works of Christopher Wren.

A introduction to a Tudor housewife.

No meeting.

Wednesbury murders.

John gives us his Black Country memories.

The great Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Christmas get together.

Whats on in 2020

What was on in 2019


7th Jan 2020

4th Feb 2020

3rd Mar 2020

7th Apr 2020

5th May 2020

2nd  Jun 2020

7th Jul 2020


1st Sep 2020

6th Oct 2020

3rd Nov 2020

1st Dec 2020


Clive Kirby-Tibbits

Keith Robinson

John Stockall

David Taylor

Kevin Goodman

Keith Cheetham

Mike Hayes

Craig Denston

Ian Bott

Keith Hodgkins


The History of Walsall, wart and all.

Victorian Darlaston.

My life as a Police Officer.

The 1926 General Strike in the Black Country.

The Spanish Flu and the Black Country.​


My colourful life in tourism.

Why are carrots orange ? The strange history of  food and power​.

No meeting.

Curiosities of Dudley.

A grave subject.


Wartime Boatwomem


Christmas get together.

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