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Meetings and events are held monthly on the 1st Tuesday of each month at Churchills. 

The speakers begin presenting at 7:30pm, please ensure you have arrived in good time.


3rd January

​​7th February

​​7th March

​​4th April

​​2nd May

​​6th June

​​4th July     


​​5th September

​​3rd October

​​7th November

​​5th December


Rob Broadbent

​​Steve Melia

​​Kevin Goodman

​​Ned Williams

​​Dr Kate Round

​​Clive Katz

​​Kath Reynolds


​​Andrew Lound

​​Ian Bott

​​Mary Bodfish

Bletchley Park - The other half of the story

History of Friar Park

The Spanish Flu and the Black Country

Boys and their Toys

Stourbridge Glass: A History

The families who lived in the back to backs

Food glorious food


Apollo – A moon odyssey

History and Legends of Bromwich Hall

Remember, Remember

Christmas get together


4th January

​​1st February

​​1st March

1st March

​​5th April

​​3rd May

​​7th June 

​​5th July          


​​6th September

​​4th October

​​1st November

​​6th December

Andrew Lound

​​Ian Bott

​​Steve Melia

Ian Bott

​​Kath Reynolds

​​Kevin Goodman

​​Keith Cheetham

​​Mary Bodfish


​​Andy Munro

​​Judy Hubble

​​Max Keen

Vulcan’s Temple – The Story of Soho Foundry

​A gallery of pub signs

​​History of Friar Park. Couldn’t make it.

The Queens Visit 1962

​​Watching with Mother.

​​The Spanish Flu and the Black Country

My colourful career in tourism

​The Singularities of Bodfish.

​​No meeting.

​​Birmingham's 19th Century Pen trade.

​​A servants lot.

Lord Horatio Nelson

Christmas get together

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